You all can testify to what life has thrown my way” Yomi Fabiyi speaks out on his unjust sufferings

Written by fazazy39

Yomi Fabiyi, a prominent Nollywood actor and filmmaker, has revealed the challenges he has faced in recent times, shedding light on the unjust sufferings he’s endured. He emphasized that his fans and followers have witnessed the difficulties life has thrown his way because he consistently strives to do what is right and be a kind-hearted person.

One of the most disheartening aspects of his ordeal, according to Fabiyi, is the behavior of individuals whom he had previously extended a helping hand to. These individuals, whom he describes as ingrates, had received significant assistance from him in achieving life-changing opportunities. However, instead of showing gratitude, they have resorted to blackmail and attempts to pull him down, especially during moments when they believed he was facing challenges.

Fabiyi metaphorically described these situations as attempts to destroy the very ladder they had used to climb to success. He highlighted the hypocrisy of these individuals who once benefited from his support but are now actively working against him.

Yomi Fabiyi expressed his deep frustration over the unjust suffering he has endured due to the actions of those he had previously assisted. He believes that karma will eventually catch up with them for their ingratitude, delusion, and desperation to tarnish his reputation.

Several weeks ago, Yomi Fabiyi made a heartfelt prayer for the 200 individuals he referred to as ingrates while unveiling a significant project. The acclaimed Yoruba movie star, who has openly discussed being used by people to achieve success, stunned many by acknowledging that he is surrounded by 200 individuals who have shown ingratitude. Nevertheless, he expressed gratitude for the fact that there are more people in his life who are appreciative.

In a separate post, he shared his painful experiences with romantic relationships, expressing his struggles with falling in love after enduring numerous failed relationships. Fabiyi disclosed that he has been emotionally wounded, with many women seemingly targeting his vulnerabilities.

He further elaborated on how these relationships have affected him, emphasizing that it’s not just about individuals attempting to use and discard him but also actively seeking to harm his personal brand.

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