“Who’s A Saint”- Ronke Oshodi Oke drum support for Moyo Lawal amidst leak private video

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Nigerian actress Ronke Oshodi Oke has expressed her support for Moyo Lawal after her private video surfaced on the internet.

Ronke Oshodi took to her Instagram page to show her solidarity with her colleague, Moyo Lawal, stating that the Lord is her strength.

She shared a photo of Moyo and captioned it with, “@moyolawalofficial keep your head high always, the Lord is your strength.”

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In related news, Naijalegit reported that netizens reacted as a private video involving actress Moyo Lawal surfaced on the internet.

Netizens expressed their reactions to the private video of Nigerian actress Moyo Lawal that circulated on the internet.

Videos that circulated on Twitter depicted the actress in an intimate moment with her partner.

In response to the video, many individuals shared their thoughts online, with some criticizing her for allowing herself to be recorded, given the history of leaked tapes involving celebrities. Here are some reactions:

  • “She was drunk in that video, fck!!! This guy took advantage of her.”
  • “This Moyo Lawal just has a big yansh; she has no skills in bed and just lies there like a log of wood.”
  • “Blood of Jesus, is this not Moyo Lawal? What was she thinking allowing a man to record her while having sx?”
  • “Why would you let a man record you while having sx, especially knowing you’re a celebrity? Not even your husband, so how come that man’s face is visible? Maybe he wants to become popular with the Moyo Lawal sx tape, who knows.”
  • “Moyo Lawal, you’re doing well.”
  • “Is this Moyo Lawal? Or are my eyes deceiving me? Anyway, it seems to be sx tape season.”
  • “Did actress Moyo Lawal leak her sx tape? Because wtf did I just watch. Not even with her husband.”

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