“If You No Gree Make Them Kn@ck you, Dem go off your light”- Wumi Toriola speaks on godfatherism in the entertainment industry

Written by fazazy39

Popular Nigerian actress, Wumi Toriola, expressed her concerns about the negative impact of godfatherism in the entertainment industry in a cryptic Instagram post. She emphasized that one wrong move from a godfather could lead to a downfall in a person’s career.

Wumi Toriola highlighted how these godfathers and godmothers might obstruct potential helpers for their godsons and goddaughters, cancel opportunities, generate more animosity, and create various obstacles in their proteges’ paths.

In response to these challenges, the actress revealed that she has opted to be her own godfather, godmother, and goddaughter, aiming to take control of her destiny. She concluded by praying for destiny helpers with a godly mindset.

Her Instagram post conveyed these sentiments and concerns about godfatherism in the entertainment industry.

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