“I Have God, I have gods And I Have Money You Can not KiII Me”- Portable Brags

Written by fazazy39

Controversial Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, professionally known as Portable, has taken to social media to boast about his wealth, reliance on God, and charm, while shedding light on the dark side of the Nigerian music industry.

Earlier on September 14th, 2023, Portable reacted to Mohbad’s death, expressing his belief that the music industry is riddled with cabals. He urged his fans to celebrate him while he is still alive rather than streaming his music only after his demise.

In a series of new videos circulating online, Portable accused fellow celebrities of leading fake lives solely to impress their fans and followers on social media. He stated that people often refer to him as “local,” despite having more money than these celebrities who claim to own houses in Lekki and Ajah, among other affluent areas, by using their friends’ properties as their own.

Furthermore, Portable asserted that he possesses numerous charms and cannot be harmed, warning that anyone attempting to harm him will meet their demise. He also lamented the lack of genuine love among Nigerian artists in the music industry.

Here are some reactions to Portable’s statements:

  1. carphy_flinks: At this point! Portable is now my new role model💯🤍.
  2. fabmum_lifestyle: Portable who is your skincare plug oo, your skin is skinning now.
  3. jiggysliit_: Portable don dey fine ooo😂😂😂.
  4. jewelbaby500: Portable na you fit the whole Nigeria Music industry. Sometimes vawulence is the answer. It’s just so sad that some things cannot be changed. From today upward na face me and face you. Peace Dey make person suffer in silence.
  5. abayomi_alvin: Gather here if you don’t have money and charm….but na only God that you get😢.
  6. rosythrone: Portable just dey live he life he way. Nobody can oppr£ss him in the industry except they’re ready to see their stories online.

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