“I’m Your Sister In Age And Everything”- moment actress Olaniyan Oluwatosin drag Mide Martins for disrespecting her in the movie industry

Written by fazazy39

Two talented actresses, Olaniyan Oluwatosin and Mide Martins, shared a light-hearted and friendly moment as they playfully bantered about age.

In a video posted by Olaniyan Oluwatosin, she humorously claimed to be older than Mide Martins.

Known for her wit and humor, Oluwatosin took a playful dig at Mide Martins, implying that she is the senior when it comes to age.

In the video, Olaniyan Oluwatosin greeted her senior colleague, Mide, in a slightly disrespectful manner.

Mide Martins, equally known for her acting prowess and sense of humor, responded by asking if Oluwatosin was in her right mind.

Oluwatosin captioned the video with a playful remark: “In this industry of ours, I know those I’m senior to and those I respect, Mide, warn yourself 😠 😡 @mydemartins”

Watch the video below for a good laugh.

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