The Reason Why Olasukanmi Saheed Is Not The Cause Of Viral Release Video Of Actress Moyo Lawal But She Did By Herself (Details)

Written by fazazy39

Clarifying the Controversy Surrounding Actress Moyo Lawal’s Viral Video with Olasukanmi Saheed

Actress Moyo Lawal has recently been trending due to a video circulating online, featuring her alongside Olasukanmi Saheed, a US-based individual from Kwara State. Upon closer examination of the video and a thoughtful analysis, it becomes apparent that the video was intentionally recorded. In the footage, Moyo Lawal can be heard asking Olasukanmi to focus more on the video.

It’s worth noting that Moyo Lawal not only expressed her intention to concentrate on the video but also took the time to do so. Additionally, the surroundings in the video resemble a room where she has previously taken various photos and videos.

The key point here is that this video appears to be intentionally created by Moyo Lawal, as she is seen asking for the camera’s attention. Contrary to the usual scenario where videotapes are recorded without the knowledge of other parties involved, this one was orchestrated by her.

Therefore, it’s unfair to blame Olasukanmi Saheed for this incident. The responsibility appears to lie solely with Moyo Lawal, as it seems she took pleasure in recording the video.

Given her status as a celebrity, the question arises as to why she would engage in such behavior that could potentially harm her reputation. This is a question that people may rightfully ask her.

In contrast to what blogger Cutie Julls suggests, it’s not the man’s fault in this case; rather, Moyo Lawal carries the blame. Some speculations even suggest that she released the video as a means to gain attention for her upcoming movie.

Please note that this analysis is based on personal observations after carefully reviewing the video footage.

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