“I am resolute in my commitment to not allow this to shatter my resolve.” – Moyo Lawal’s official statement

Written by fazazy39

“Notable Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal ends her silence with an official statement addressing the widely circulated bedroom tape that surfaced on the internet.

This comes after the shocking video featuring the actress in an intimate moment with a man, rumored to be her ex, left netizens and fans astonished.”

In her official statement, the actress disclosed that the video had been recorded a significant time ago during her relationship with the man she was planning to marry. Regrettably, the video was disseminated online without her consent, and she is determined to take legal action to address this breach of privacy.

She emphasized her determination not to let this incident dampen her spirit and expressed her gratitude to those who have shown support and empathy during this challenging period. Read her full statement below:

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