“I Am The King Of The Street From Nigeria to Ghana T Every n” – Reactions as Singer Portable is spotted distributing money in Ghana

Written by fazazy39

Social media platforms were abuzz with excitement and admiration when Nigerian singer Portable was spotted generously distributing money to residents in Ghana.

This heartwarming act of kindness garnered a wave of positive reactions from fans and followers across the African continent.

Portable is well-known for his benevolent actions in Nigeria, and he has extended his generosity to Ghana as well. The video captured moments of joy and gratitude as residents, both young and old, received money from Portable.

In the caption of the video, he proudly stated, “IKA OF AFRICA 🌎, spreading grace without disgrace. Portable, the Pride of the World 🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌. I’m bigger than them stars ⭐️, and I don’t beg to shine. ZAZUU Live in the streets of Ghana 🇬🇭. Gangster of the Nigerian streets. DonJazzy ⭐️⭐️. CEO of DR ZEH NATION. Many, many inspirations.”

You can watch the heartwarming video below:

People’s Reaction

  • “My morning prayer for you: May you never lack 🙏🏽🤲.”
  • “I’m still upset they gave awards to others. Show us artists who spread love like Portable. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️”
  • “The Ika of Africa ❤️🙌… If you love Portable, hit that like button ❤️.”
  • “Portable, the first Nigerian to spray money from Nigeria to Ghana. Truly inspiring.”
  • “Portable always remembers where he came from. May God continue to bless him 🙏🙏🙏.”
  • “Your star shines differently, and there’s no one quite like you. Your struggles fuel your motivation. Ika doings all day, all the time.”
  • “So, you’re in Ghana while your boys are here shouting ‘our oga has flied’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

Portable once again captured Nigerians’ attention, this time for a wonderful reason. He generously paid for motorists’ fuel at a filling station, spreading joy among many. Portable, a frequent topic of discussion on Nigerian social media, made waves on the internet by covering the fuel expenses of everyone at a Lagos, Nigeria, fuel station.

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