“We Really Appreciate This God”—Couple welcomes quadruplets after 7 years of waiting (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian woman joyfully welcomed four healthy babies after a seven-year wait for the blessing of motherhood.

TikTok user @stivesspecialist shared a heartwarming video expressing her gratitude for the arrival of quadruplets, captured by doctors in the delivery room, marking a truly miraculous moment for their family.

Stives specialist wrote, “See what the Lord did. QUADRUPLETS! After a 7-year Wait. God had the final say. I prayed for Twins, God gifted me with 4 babies instead!”

Netizens flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages, prayers, and shared their own stories of hope: “Congratulations, Lord. I beg you, remember me too. I have tried all my best, God, please, I am begging with tears in my eyes.”

@tammy_sanders_22: “Oh my goodness, congratulations!! I’m a mama of triplets.”

@Fany: “Me too, I have been waiting for seven years. God, please hear my voice.”

@flora kioste: “I share in the joy; I am so happy for your blessings. May God remember everyone waiting for their blessings.”

@Immaculate tasty bites: “My God, please bless every woman who needs a child… You never fail.”

@luchyFaith. (Nwanyi Ukpor): “Congratulations, I’m next in line.”

@user7847610312963: “Congratulations.”

@nenve babe: “God is a wonder-working God.”

@bellanamasaba: “To God be the glory.”

@jillianchichie: “He will never fail. Congratulations.”

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