Temitope Iledo, the rapidly emerging actor, secures a fresh ambassadorial deal.

Written by fazazy39

Temitope Iledo Topright, one of the most rapidly rising Nollywood actors, has delightedly shared the news of his latest accomplishment on his Instagram page. The Nollywood actor made this announcement through a statement posted on his official Instagram account, revealing his new role as the ambassador for @ak__stitches.

In his post, he wrote,

Meet the latest brand ambassador of @ak__stitches. Follow my brand @ak__stitches. Outfit by @ak__stitches.”

His handsome appearance in the lovely photos he shared added to the excitement of the announcement.

Temitope Iledo Topright is a multifaceted figure in the world of Nollywood, as he excels as an actor, scriptwriter, filmmaker, and movie producer. He stands out as one of the fastest-rising talents within the Yoruba Nollywood film industry.

In his role as a producer, Temitope Iledo has been responsible for the creation of notable films such as “Alapakan,” “Jagunlabi,” “Omopenu,” and several others. Despite his youth, he possesses remarkable talent and is currently making significant strides in the Yoruba movie scene.

Temitope originally hails from Edo State but is now based in Ibadan, Oyo State. His journey into the world of acting commenced approximately nine years ago when he acquired a form from the renowned comic actor, Olatayo Amokade, popularly known as Ijebu, to join his theatre group.

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