“Life Is Soft”- Oyinbo Man Change A Dollar to Naira, Gets Rice, Beans, Enjoys Himself in Nigeria

Written by fazazy39

A Caucasian man, Chris, known for creating content that showcases Nigerian street life and culture, recently embarked on an interesting venture with just $1.

In his video, he humorously noted that the $1 equated to about N900 when converted to Naira. He proceeded to buy snacks like sausage rolls and puffs, enjoying them thoroughly before indulging in a meal of spaghetti, beans, and eggs.

His video garnered attention from many Nigerians who were intrigued by the notion of purchasing so much with so little money. Some viewers even speculated that he might have received discounts due to his entertaining content.

The street exchange rate from Naira to Dollar was in play as Chris embarked on his budget food adventure. He kicked things off by purchasing a street sausage roll for N100, followed by indulging in some delectable puff puff, also for N100.

Following his snacks, Chris managed to get a hearty meal of rice, spaghetti, beans, and egg, all for a total of N400. Determined to spend his entire budget, he added corn and other items to his purchases.

Naijalegit compiled a selection of reactions from viewers:

  1. Blessing wondered, “Is this still the same Nigeria I know, or is it another one?”
  2. TheBestest commented, “You must be getting a discount, Chris! A hundred Naira for just the egg, plus spaghetti and beans!”
  3. King Eunice questioned, “Where did you find corn and pear for a hundred Naira? Or a Coke for a hundred Naira? Spaghetti and beans, plus takeaway, seems too much!”
  4. Miss Stephanie shared, “Corn and pear are my absolute favorites.”
  5. Bolu expressed surprise, “Is that sausage really a hundred Naira?”
  6. Ovwighospencer259 exclaimed, “Seriously, with 900 Naira, you’ve bought a whole supermarket!”
  7. Ceedy Ekun disagreed, stating, “These prices are inaccurate, please!”
  8. Betterpen noted, “You’re lying, Chris; eggs cost 150 Naira.”
  9. Natalia | Career + Life said, “I’m considering a trip to Nigeria; life seems cheaper there.”
  10. Tazmaane added, “It could be an excellent holiday destination; I might be on my way.”
  11. Emaboss marveled, “Honestly, you can actually eat to your heart’s content with just 900 Naira.”

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