“I Don’t believe in marriage; I don’t desire to become a Mrs.” – Yetunde Bakare shares her perspective.

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In a recent episode of the “TALK TO BIOLA ABAYO” podcast show, renowned Nigerian actress Yetunde Bakare made a candid revelation. She expressed her disbelief in the institution of marriage and her lack of interest in adopting the title of “Mrs.”

While clarifying her stance, Yetunde Bakare emphasized that her skepticism toward marriage didn’t diminish her capacity to experience love. She went on to disclose her involvement in a committed relationship and the depth of her feelings for her partner. However, she reiterated her reluctance to assume the role of a “Mrs.”

In her own words, she conveyed, “I don’t have faith in marriage, but I hold onto the belief in love. I can cherish my partner even without embracing the title of Mrs.”

watch her discussion below:

In related news,Naijalegit has reported that Olayinka Solomon is facing criticism from fans for frequently highlighting her backside. The actress recently shared short video clips where she showcased her posterior while announcing the release of her new movie.

She captioned the clip with the words, “YOU ASK FOR IT ??? ARE YOU READY ??? SHOWING FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th. You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated. The greatest glory in life is creating a way where there’s none. – … D movie REMMY RAZOR (RR).”

However, several of her fans and followers have expressed concerns about the nature of her content. In a series of comments, some fans voiced their dissatisfaction, accusing her of focusing too much on displaying her backside rather than showcasing content that aligns with her talents and creativity.

One comment read, “I don’t really understand what you guys are promoting on the internet with this kind of thing. Young girls are really looking up to you, which is why any small thing you do holds the potential to influence them negatively 😢.”

Another comment stated, “All you people do is show us your backside online.”

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