“Pls Show Us The Way” – Nigerians beg a man who started plantain business with N100k builds 3rd house (Video)

Written by fazazy39

“A diligent Nigerian entrepreneur, Adegbenga Olusegun, who has achieved success with his plantain chips business, proudly showcased a house he’s currently constructing.

Taking to his TikTok page, @adegbengaolusegun, he revealed that this construction marked his third house since commencing his plantain business journey four years ago.

What garnered significant interest from viewers was his revelation that he initiated this venture with less than N100k in capital.

In a video shared on his page, he showcased the remarkable progress, noting that the construction had reached the lintel level in less than six days. He further assured that the house would be completed within a month.

Another video depicted the bustling activity at his factory, where fresh plantains were being processed. He pledged to provide valuable tips for business success.

Watch the video below.”

“Social media users found themselves deeply inspired, flocking to the comment section with inquiries and requests for updates. Here are some of their reactions:

  1. Ochowechi inquired, ‘Brother, please, how can I start this business, Sir?’
  2. Awaomaka remarked, ‘Why didn’t you mention it earlier?’
  3. @ibrahim adams expressed, ‘Bro, please, I’m highly interested because I don’t want to leave this planet without building a house for my children 🙏.’
  4. Adewunmi693 lamented, ‘If only I had come across you earlier, I would have been a homeowner by now.’
  5. Princbeckezomo extended congratulations and sought guidance, stating, ‘Congratulations to you, bro. Please, show me the way.’
  6. Bankolejames592 sought assistance, ‘Please help me, bro. I have land and bought 100 blocks for it last year, but there has been no progress since.'”

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