“You told me about one” – Man files for divorce after finding out wife has 3 kids for her ex-boyfriend

Written by fazazy39

A 30-year-old Zambian husband, James Branda, has initiated legal proceedings against his wife, Barbara, accusing her of deceit.

James and his 29-year-old wife, Barbara, both Jehovah’s Witnesses, entered into matrimony in 2013, commencing what appeared to be a harmonious marital journey.

According to reports from Mwebantu, their marriage started to unravel two years later when Barbara mustered the courage to disclose a well-guarded secret: she had three children, not just the one she initially claimed.

James expressed his surprise, stating, “When we were about to get married, she told me she had one child, and I accepted because I also had one. Two years later, she said she had three children, and this came as a surprise to me.”

In his testimony, James revealed his desire to divorce his wife because he lacked the means to provide for the three children. He was also disappointed that his wife and her family had not been truthful from the outset of their relationship.

Despite being separated for four years and James subsequently marrying another woman, Barbara implored the court not to grant a divorce. She professed her willingness to continue in a polygamous relationship due to her enduring love for him.

She stated, “I asked for forgiveness from my husband after telling him, and he forgave me. However, his family began pressuring him to divorce me because of my past mistake.”

In light of Barbara’s wishes, the court opted not to dissolve the marriage and instead instructed the couple to reach an agreement before their next appearance.

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