“Why Will You Post Me To Serve In An Abattoir After 5 years in University” NYSC Corper Challenge NYSC For posting Her to local abattoir for her one-year service

Written by fazazy39

A young woman recently gained significant attention on social media after being assigned to work at a local abattoir as her Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) during her NYSC service.

The story initially surfaced through a tweet by Twitter user TA Adeiye, which quickly went viral, prompting a range of responses from the online community.

While Adeiye did not specify the location or state where the NYSC member was posted, he expressed concerns about the appropriateness of this assignment.

Adeiye claimed to know the young lady personally and was surprised by her placement at the abattoir, suggesting that it might not be a suitable PPA for someone with a degree.

In a video, a young man was seen carrying a bucket filled with various meat portions, with cow legs and tails arranged nearby. As news of this unusual NYSC placement spread across social media, Nigerians shared their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Reactions from Netizens:

@theDamiDami: “NYSC always does bizarre placements. They posted my friend, an accountant, to a church as an organist!”

@Olurantowoseeni: “It might sound amusing, but it’s an interesting idea. Local business owners could benefit from having an educated person if they are open to adapting.”

@iamrenike: “This is unbelievable!”

@niruha__: “She might have studied animal husbandry.”

@TAAdeiyer responded: “Even if it’s animal husbandry, they should get a farm, or worst-case scenario, vet science. How is it the same as cutting and selling meat in an abattoir?”

@CathChisomsTwin: “NYSC is supposed to promote nation-building and provide corp members with valuable work experience to kickstart their careers. I don’t see how sending a corp member to an abattoir achieves any of these goals. I wonder what the Corper’s CV will look like with this on it.”

@adeshi_agba: “I had a lawyer friend who was posted to a nursery school. Lol. Imagine being called to the bar and then teaching ‘A for apple.’ He almost lost it. It was hilarious!”

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