“Never ridicule a woman who isn’t living an extravagant lifestyle,” Actress Biodun Okeowo offers her advice.

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Nigerian actress Biodun Okeow, also known as Omoborty, shared a lovely photo of herself on Instagram along with a heartfelt piece of advice for her followers.

In her post, she urged netizens not to ridicule or mock women who do not lead extravagant lives or may be facing financial challenges. She emphasized that some women value their dignity and refuse to compromise their principles for money.

Accompanying the photo, she wrote:

“Never mock a woman who is not living an extravagant lifestyle or is financially challenged. Some cherish their dignity and refuse to compromise their values for money.

If you’re one of such women, may God bless you financially! Amen 🙏

As for those irresponsible men who wouldn’t help a woman unless she compromises herself, remember that you have daughters too…
Please learn to be kind and expect nothing in return.”

In a related report, Yorubawood has highlighted Actress Biodun Okeowo’s celebration of her dedicated fan who recently welcomed a baby girl.

Sharing a post on her verified Instagram page, she expressed her joy and admiration for her loyal supporter, @rrealomowunmy, on this special occasion.

Biodun Okeowo wrote, “If I don’t celebrate with you, what do I gain? Congratulations, @rrealomowunmy! Let’s talk about loyalty; this lady right here embodies it. 😄

My daughter once asked me, ‘Mommy, in most of your giveaways, this name is always there.’ I proudly said, ‘Yes, because she’s always actively participating.’

Guess what! Sometimes, I intentionally choose ‘sare wagba’s’ to test if some of my very active fans are here for genuine love or something else. However, this lady and a few others stand unwaveringly loyal. To be noticed among millions, it shows their genuine love for me.

Now, this message goes out to each one of you, my devoted fans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support. 🙏❤️

So, guys, please join me in celebrating one of my most loyal fans, @rrealomowunmy, on the arrival of her bundle of joy 💃.”

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