“It’s Less Than 3 years people contributed money for you. Why Are You Stll living in such a horrible house?” – Actor Bola calls out Auto Kanran

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Canadian-based blogger Auto Bola has taken to social media to voice skepticism regarding the living conditions of veteran actor Olusegun Akinremi, widely recognized as Chief Kanran.

This controversy arose following a substantial fundraising effort led by Pastor Agbala Gabriel to provide support for actor Kanran, who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Auto Bola’s social media comments expressed doubts about Kanran’s current living conditions and the necessity of financial aid, pointing out that a fundraising campaign for him had occurred only a few years ago. In a now-viral post, Auto Bola stated, “Less than three years ago, people generously contributed funds to you, even providing various stylish outfits after your appearance on Kola Olootu’s show. How is it that the bedroom you showed us appears so humble? You have no disabilities, and you mentioned having children. Let’s refrain from falsehoods.”

You can watch the video below for more details.

In a noteworthy development, Yorubawood recently shared a video exposing the deplorable living conditions of veteran actor Olusegun Akinremi, affectionately known as Chief Kanran.

Renowned philanthropist Pastor Agbala Gabriel, recognized for his charitable initiatives, paid a visit to the veteran actor. Interestingly, Kanran disclosed an intriguing revelation about Pastor Gabriel. He mentioned that although they had never met before, God had conveyed to him that they would soon cross paths, and Gabriel would extend his assistance.

In Kanran’s own words, “I have never met Agbala Gabriel in my life, but God told me we shall meet very soon, and he will help me, and I might help him too.”

In a recent update, Pastor Agbala Gabriel visited Kanran’s living quarters, revealing a shocking sight where the veteran actor resides—a church missionary house in deplorable conditions.

Watch the video above to witness the distressing state of Kanran’s living space.

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