“I’m bigger than the Headies and I don’t beg for the spotlight”- Portable boasts as he sets his sights on the Grammy.

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Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has confidently asserted that he surpasses the significance of the Headies Awards. This statement comes in light of his prior dispute with the prestigious award organizers, who removed his nomination last year.

Portable, who aspires to reach the Grammys, identifies himself as a star who doesn’t need to beg for the spotlight. He emphasizes the importance of rejecting negative energy and admits that he had mistakenly believed that everyone was in his favor.

In his words, he stated, “No one failed me; I failed myself by thinking that everyone was on my side when I was there for them. Say no to negative energy, Star.

Don’t plead for the spotlight; life is like Portable Kogbagidi. IKA OF AFRICA, I am more significant than the Headies you’re celebrating, Zazuu. Oshima Gba Grammy. Everything we desire, God has already accomplished, Alhamdulilah.” 🌟🎶🏆

Indeed, Portable has previously declared himself to be larger than the Headies on more than one occasion.

I’m bigger than the owner of Headies Award, I remain the highest-paid artiste in the Trenches – Portable

In a similar vein, last year, while criticizing Smooth Productions, the organizers of the renowned Nigerian music awards, The Headies, Portable reiterated his stance.

During an Instagram live session with his fans, the artist addressed his ongoing feud with the Headies organizers, recognizing his imperfections as a human being.

He continued to voice his disapproval of the award organizers, confidently asserting that he stands above the stature of the Headies.

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