“I Promise To Deal With Men’s Especially Ikorodu Men”– Nigerian lady living with HIV vows to deal with every man that come her way (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A viral video is causing a stir on the internet, featuring a Nigerian woman making a controversial announcement about her HIV status.

In the video, the woman boldly discloses her HIV-positive status and goes further to assert her intention to engage in relationships with as many men as possible, particularly those residing in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

The lady, who conceals her identity behind a feathered mask, also declares her intention to confront internet fraudsters, commonly known as Yahoo boys.

This audacious statement has triggered a wave of reactions online, with many individuals expressing disapproval of her intentions, while others raise concerns about her well-being and the potential public health ramifications.

Here are some of the reactions to the video:

Moyoso7e commented, “Why did you choose Ikorodu? Innocent people are there 😅😂.”

Young chilling jokingly remarked, “Playing with your five days of life 😄😁.”

SHADRACH MILL ⚫️ wondered, “Why are you covering your face 😂😂😂.”

christopherabiodu4 pleaded, “Please spare Israel’s life; he’s innocent. He only knows about Abulegba; he knows nothing about Ikorodu issues. But he works there. Please, I love him.”

abdulrahmanonatoy exclaimed, “Trouble! Trouble!! Trouble never finishes at all at all.”

🚢💛🇺🇸TEMILOLUWA 🇺🇸🌙⛵️ humorously commented, “Don’t you know that HIV rituals are sweet? Lol 😂.”

mukadam_vado suggested, “Straight to Bellz club 😂😂😅😂💔💔💔💔, that’s where your peers are.”

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