“I Am The King Of The Street”- Portable warms hearts as he visits a filling station and pays the fuel expenses for everyone.

Written by fazazy39

Portable, a Nigerian singer, has once again captured the attention of the internet, but this time for a heartwarming reason. He was spotted at a filling station, generously covering the fuel expenses for people, spreading joy among many.

Portable has been a prominent figure in Nigerian internet discussions recently. He recently celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife on the streets of Lagos. Prior to that, his multi-million naira Brabus B Jeep was involved in an accident.

Despite his sometimes controversial actions, Portable has reportedly paid for the petrol charges of everyone at a fuel station in Lagos, Nigeria. Grateful individuals who were touched by Portable’s gesture flooded the comments section to express their appreciation.

Here are some of the reactions to Portable’s generous act:

@abazwhyllzz: “This is exactly why most artists don’t like this guy. He’s real asf. Portable for president 2026 soon.”

@toyor_pr: “We can see the good work Portable is doing. Portable’s government is better than Tinubu’s.”

@newsplug9ja: “How does he want to pay? Pay to the filling station and everyone will be buying a specific amount of fuel? Or stand there and be paying for everyone one by one.”

@PabloHoggs: “I feel he’s a generous person, but his razz attitude and controversial persona won’t let people see.”

@Ishow_leck: “His free lifestyle and showing love on the street is just so beautiful.”

@black_izeek: “No one has street credibility like this guy. Portable is the real deal.”

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