“Davido’s Logistics Manager, Isreal DMW’s marriage allegedly crashes, His wife returns bride price (Details)

Written by fazazy39

Isreal DMW, the personal logistics manager for singer Davido, has reportedly seen his marriage to Sheila Courage come to an end within a year.

These claims have surfaced from the controversial blogger Gistlover, who suggests that the couple split due to allegations of domestic violence.

According to the blog, Sheila had a pre-existing relationship before being pressured by her father to marry Isreal DMW, presumably because of his financial status and connection to Davido.

It’s alleged that the problems in their marriage became evident after they tied the knot, with accusations of controlling behavior from Isreal, including invasive actions like smelling her clothing to check for infidelity, withholding money, and physical abuse.

The blog further reports that Isreal would frequently leave home for extended periods, creating a tumultuous environment. This ultimately led Sheila to return to her father’s residence and return the bride price.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the couple has experienced marital difficulties, as they have reportedly been on and off for several weeks prior to this incident.

Gistlover also claims that Isreal is now seeking reconciliation, especially as Sheila is rumored to be pregnant. Please be aware that this information is based on unverified sources and should be approached with caution.

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