“Thank You My Brother” :: Odunlade Says As Korede Bello Prostrate For Him, other Actors Too

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola extended a heartfelt prayer to singer Korede Bello in a touching Instagram video. The video captured their chance encounter at an event, where Korede humbly greeted Odunlade by prostrating. Overjoyed, Odunlade hugged him tightly and prayed for his continuous success, saying, “God will bless you.

Your glory will shine forever in Jesus’ name.” It’s worth noting that Odunlade Adekola has received similar grand gestures of respect from others in the past.

Femi Adebayo took a moment to convey his heartfelt thanks to Odunlade Adekola, expressing deep appreciation for a truly remarkable and generous gesture.

The accomplished movie producer of “Orisa” received a touching surprise when Odunlade Adekola went above and beyond to demonstrate his affection and support. Odunlade had custom-made clothing created, prominently featuring the title of Femi Adebayo’s latest cinematic creation, “Jagun Jagun.”

This thoughtful act didn’t go unnoticed, leaving Femi Adebayo profoundly moved by the extent of Odunlade’s heartfelt gesture. It wasn’t just about the clothing; it symbolized a genuine bond of friendship and unwavering encouragement.

In light of this touching display of camaraderie within the entertainment industry, Femi Adebayo made sure to publicly express his gratitude. He wanted to ensure that Odunlade’s act of kindness was acknowledged, emphasizing the depth of their friendship and the significance of support among peers in their profession.

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