“She Paid for Marks in School With Knacks”: Ex-ABSU Student’s Wedding Scatter after Her Past Leaked By The Groom’s Best-man

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A wedding scheduled for September 23 had to be canceled after the groom discovered troubling details from the bride’s past. The revelation came from the groom’s best man, who had been the bride’s hostel mate during their time at Abia State University. He divulged incriminating information about the bride’s history, including allegations of using inappropriate means to earn grades in ABSU and engaging in questionable activities.

As a result of this revelation, the groom decided to call off the wedding with the former ABSU student, leaving many in shock. Chichi Ibe, who was supposed to attend the wedding, shared this dramatic turn of events.

The bride’s past was exposed by the groom’s best man. According to Chichi, this best man had shared a hostel with the 30-year-old bride during their three years at Abia State University (ABSU), and he was privy to all her actions.

In a startling revelation, the best man disclosed how the bride resorted to compromising her integrity to obtain favorable grades and how she handled her pregnancies. He further revealed that he had intimate relations with her and facilitated her involvement in questionable activities with friends.

Despite pleas from the bride, the groom ultimately decided to call off the wedding.

Chichi documented this dramatic turn of events.

The wedding scheduled for the 23rd of this month has been abruptly canceled. The reason behind this decision? The groom’s best man had shared a hostel with the bride during their time at Absu (Abia State University) for three years. During that time, he witnessed everything the bride was involved in.

This firsthand witness disclosed that he saw the bride go through abortions, engage in runs (questionable activities), and even gave her out for such activities. He revealed that she resorted to using intimate relations to obtain better grades in school. In a surprising twist, he mentioned that he had intimate relations with her to assess her “skills” before recommending her to some influential individuals.

Despite the bride’s pleas, the groom’s best man decided to reveal everything to his friend, prompting the groom to call off the wedding. Remarkably, the groom and his best man are still on good terms, while the bride is left feeling devastated. She’s 30 years old and is currently unreachable and staying indoors.

The question remains: Did the groom’s best man do the right thing?

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Netizens have expressed various opinions regarding the cancellation of the ABSU ex-student’s wedding.

@SweetMOMdee commented, “He did the right thing. Primarily because he also had something with her. Things like this tend to come out. His friend would hold it against him if he realized after marriage that the guy had dealings with his wife and hid it. Sad but as long as he didn’t lie…”

@Nasoebe2 added, “So the guy is a saint, if women knew half of the things guys did before they propose and even while they are married, most marriages won’t happen or survive a day.”

@focus1030 lamented, “It’s unfortunate that women are always the victims of whatever goes wrong in a relationship. I’m not endorsing a woman living a loose life, but who is the saint among the three of them?”

@Ogeshinikese shared, “Hmmm. This is serious! But he should have left her; maybe she has changed now. If it’s my friend getting married, I wouldn’t say anything, but if it’s my brother, I would expose her too!”

@Real_DrOMO criticized the best man, saying, “The guy is evil to have waited that long to reveal what he said. Coincidentally, he was one of the guys who contributed to the girl’s situation by involving her in runs and having intimate relations with her.”

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