“She roll with Yahoo Boys, She dey do hookup And Be Slaying Around,” -Portable Exposes Babymama Who Called Him Out

Written by fazazy39

Portable, the Nigerian artist known for his controversial persona, vehemently refuted accusations made by his child’s mother.

During a live session, his baby mama, Keji (also known as Honey Berry), expressed her grievances, alleging that he had not offered any financial support for their child in the past four months, going so far as to label him a “neglectful father.”

Prior to her pregnancy, the young lady was unaware of the singer’s marital status and was friendly with him, leading to his mistreatment of his wife, Bewaji.

In retaliation, Portable alleged that his child’s mother had engaged in prostitution when he impregnated her. He claimed to have provided her with accommodation by renting a house for her. He also revealed that she had been involved in numerous video calls with male acquaintances, some of whom, he believed, were involved in online fraud, which led to him asking her to leave his house.

After she was asked to leave, the Zazuu Crooner disclosed that his baby mama began secretly advising his wife against him.

Addressing her accusations of him being an irresponsible father, Portable emphasized that the financial support he had provided for their son was being diverted by her to fund a lavish lifestyle, similar to that of a socialite.

In a mocking manner, Portable sang and taunted Keji, mentioning her lack of a new marriage since their separation, which he attributed to her perceived promiscuous lifestyle.

Check his video below.

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