Pastor Gabriel start the construct of a house for Chief Karan, after successfully raised a sum of N2.5 million Naira for this endeavor.

Written by fazazy39

Pastor Gabriel recently paid another visit to the respected veteran actor, Olusegun Akinremi, affectionately known as Chief Kanran.

During the visit, the actor shared poignant details about his current living conditions and an upcoming milestone. Kanran revealed that his current residence was a home constructed by his dear mother. He also disclosed that he’s approaching his 70th birthday, a significant moment that should ideally be celebrated in comfort and style.

However, the reality was far from ideal, as the living conditions of this legendary actor did not match his stature in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Touched by his situation, Pastor Gabriel decided to take action and sought advice from his fans and followers.

The compassionate response from people was to prioritize building a house for Chief Kanran first, with the possibility of a car later. Remarkably, a total of N2.5 million has already been donated towards this noble cause. Watch the video below for more details.

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