“Jeje Lomo Eko Nlo, I No Like Wahala Ooo” – Lizzy Anjorin hails herself amidst social media fight

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Amidst a social media drama involving herself, Esabod, Iyabo Ojo, and other public figures, Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin has portrayed herself as a calm and composed woman.

Lizzy shared a photo of herself with her husband, Alhaji Lateef Lawal, along with the Yoruba phrase “Jeje Lomo Eko Nio,” which translates to “An easygoing person.”

She captioned the post, saying, “JEJE LOMO EKO NLO. ABI THEM NO GO JEJE NI???”

In the midst of a heated social media feud, Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo appeared to indirectly address her colleague, Lizzy Anjorin, in one of her posts.

In her post, Iyabo didn’t mention any names explicitly, but comments from fans and followers suggested she was referring to Lizzy Anjorin. One fan pointed out that both sides of the conflict had been involved in shading and confrontation.

The fan stated, “One thing I hate about this fracas is that none of you are saying the truth even once. You all seem to turn a blind eye when Mummy Hanna Mayowa has been heavily cursing Iyabo Ojo and her children for months. Or have you not noticed when Lizzy herself has been indirectly shading Iyabo Ojo, Toyin Abraham, Mercy Aigbe, and even Wunmi Toriola? Lizzy has been using indirect shades against Bimbo Afolayan regarding her products for months. So, if Iyabo decides to respond to Lizzy, is Iyabo not justified? Let’s be honest for once.”

The feud escalated further when Lizzy Anjorin released a video where she referred to Iyabo Ojo as ‘O Obo Rubber’ and accused her of engaging in illicit activities in the presence of her family.

The ongoing conflict between these two actresses has garnered significant attention on social media.

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How it started

The feud reportedly began when Lizzy took offense at Iyabo’s lighthearted gesture at the senior colleague, Lola Alao’s shop in Canada. During this encounter, Iyabo had humorously demonstrated how some Facebook bloggers excel at showcasing their egos and feigning their social status. It was said that Iyabo’s display amused Lola, as she illustrated how these so-called “Facebook celebrities” engage in online battles, exposing long-held secrets about their targeted rivals to promote their fabric businesses.

Although Iyabo didn’t explicitly name anyone, those in the know believed that her actions were indirectly aimed at Lizzy Anjorin, with whom she supposedly held a lingering grudge.

Subsequently, a few hours after Iyabo’s demonstration, Lizzy took to her Facebook page to respond to what she referred to as “3-some celebrities.” In her diatribe, she alleged that the individual in question had amassed wealth primarily through morally questionable means, such as involvement with multiple men, among other accusations.

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