“Yemi Elesho shares a family throwback photo, asking humorously, ‘Why are mom and dad yellow, while the rest of us are black?’ – Reactions.”

Written by fazazy39

Yemi Elesho, known for his comedic skits, is the son of the renowned veteran actor Adewale Elesho. Recently, Yemi took to his social media platform to post a cherished family photograph that evoked a sense of nostalgia.

This particular image drew considerable attention from his dedicated fan base and followers on social media. The photograph captures a heartwarming family moment, showcasing Yemi Elesho together with his father, siblings, and their mother, creating a touching and sentimental portrayal of their family bond.

“The shared photo, which brought back cherished memories, garnered a plethora of reactions from fans, many of whom humorously questioned why Yemi Elesho’s parents had fair complexions while their other siblings were darker:

  • “Mum and dad are fair, why are all of you dark except the last one? 🤔”
  • “Your dad is white, your mom is white, and you’re dark 😂 @officialyemielesho”
  • “You still need to explain, Egbon. Daddy and mommy are light-skinned. 🤣🤣”
  • “We might need to do a DNA test on you and your siblings. Only the last born looks like mom and dad 🤣🤣”
  • “Yemi, your complexion change though. 😢😍😍”
  • “Why are all of you guys black, except the last one? 😂”
  • “Why did you become black? 😂😂😂”
  • “Baba Elesho, you should have given us at least one female albino 😂”

Yemi Elesho had previously shared his remarkable journey from selling products like Aboniki, face towels, and bread in traffic at Iwo road. He attributed his success to skitmaker and content creator Woli Agba, acknowledging how Woli Agba paved the way for his career. Surprisingly, Yemi admitted that he had never dreamed of becoming a content creator, highlighting the unexpected turn his life took.”

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