“Watin you still dey find” 2baba stirs reactions as he reveals his desire to open a church, unveils his church’s name (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Certainly! Renowned Afrobeats artist, Innocent Idibia, who is widely recognized as 2baba, recently took to his Instagram page to reveal an intriguing desire. He expressed a heartfelt interest in opening a church, which he has given the name “Straight To Heaven International Church of God Nigeria Limited (STHICOGNL).”

This announcement is quite unexpected and raises questions about his motivations and goals for such an endeavor. While 2baba is best known for his successful music career, it appears that he is considering a new path involving religious leadership. The name he has chosen for the church, STHICOGNL, suggests a focus on spiritual matters and a commitment to guiding people towards a righteous and heavenly path.

It’s important to note that such a decision would likely come with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. Establishing and running a church involves not only spiritual leadership but also organizational and administrative tasks. Additionally, it will be interesting to see how 2baba’s fans and the public react to this unexpected career move.

Overall, 2baba’s desire to open a church is a noteworthy development in his life and career, and it will be intriguing to follow his journey in this new endeavor.

In the comments section, several of his fans made humorous remarks, speculating about the singer’s interactions with female church members:

  1. A user named Real Posh baby jokingly mentioned, “The Choristers will have their hands full.”
  2. Another commenter, Pappy Thrill, humorously added, “God won’t be upset about it.”
  3. Official Piray playfully referred to 2baba as “Pastor 2baba.”
  4. King Allen jokingly suggested, “So you can bless all the ladies with children.”
  5. Kashy blog official humorously offered, “Please, Baba, consider me for the role of the pastor’s secretary.”
  6. Idoma Attire shared a more encouraging comment, saying, “May God guide you in building His church. Amen!”

These comments reflect a mix of playful banter and support from 2baba’s fans in response to his church-related announcement.

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