The Main Reason Why Actor Bolanle Ninalowo And His Wife Ended their Marriage Finally Revealed

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The marriage of Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo and his wife, Queen, has reached its conclusion as they have decided to part ways. Bolanle Ninalowo took to his Instagram account to share a deeply emotional message in which he expressed his sincere efforts to reconcile their differences but, regrettably, found that all his attempts were in vain.

Here are some potential factors that may have contributed to the separation of Bolanle Ninalowo’s marriage:

  1. Lack of Trust.
  2. Infidelity (Personal Opinion: One spouse caught cheating on the other).
  3. Feeling obligated to constantly accompany one another (Personal Opinion).
  4. Lack of mutual respect.

These factors are suggested as potential causes for the marriage ending for the second time in 18 years.

In a heartfelt message, Bolanle Ninalowo wrote:

“Finally, I have come to terms with the reality that this road has reached its end. It’s a somber reality, but it also holds room for hope and the promise of a brighter and more fulfilling future. This reality is saddening, especially for my beloved children, but it’s deemed necessary for a peaceful and loving future.

I had fervently prayed and worked tirelessly to avoid experiencing this sad reality for the sake of everyone involved. But now, I must accept it as I realize that my children have grown, gaining a better understanding of my pain and struggles on their behalf.

This reality underscores that none of us will live forever, and I must prioritize my health and mental well-being for the greater good. May God guide me and either reward me with what I truly deserve or hold me accountable for my wrongs, if that is the case.

In the end, we all bear the consequences of our actions. It’s a sad but undeniable truth. Now, I must strive to be better for the sake of the same children I fought so hard never to be separated from.

My wife and I have made the difficult decision to go our separate ways and pursue an irreconcilable dissolution of our marriage. I kindly request respect for our privacy and ask for prayers as we navigate this process, heal, and move forward with our independent lives, all while continuing to jointly care for what we hold most dear—our children. God bless everyone.”

This message conveys the emotional depth of their decision to end the marriage and emphasizes their commitment to their children’s well-being during this challenging time.

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