“Mom, I want to be like you,” said Ameerah, the daughter of actress Oyedeji Olaide.(video)

Written by fazazy39

Oyedeji Olaide shared a video of her daughter discussing her future career aspirations.

In the video, young Ameerah expressed her desire to become an artist like her mother, but her mom insisted that she could sing, questioning her choice of being an “artist.”

Ameerah was steadfast in her desire to be both an artist and a painter, expressing her admiration for her mother. However, her mom expressed concerns about her child following the same path she’s currently on.

Oyedeji Olaide captioned the post with a playful note:

“Long Time Na Abike.”

Watch the amusing video below:

Netizens reacted with a variety of emojis, symbolizing the child’s emulation of her mother’s behavior. 🤗👩‍👧‍👦🎭👩‍🎨

This underscores the importance of setting a positive example for our children to follow.

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