“I Can Never Like her At All”- Lizzy Anjorin replies a fan who said she can never be like Iyabo Ojo, give out reasons

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin continues to express her grievances towards her colleague, Iyabo Ojo, and those who supported her.

This situation unfolded during one of her customary live video sessions on social media when a fan made a comment comparing her to Iyabo Ojo.

In response to this comment, Lizzy strongly criticized the fan and asserted that she could never be compared to Iyabo Ojo because she considers herself to be in a higher league.

During the live session, Lizzy also took the opportunity to highlight and enumerate her achievements.

You can view the video below for more details.

It is worth noting that Iyabo Ojo had previously issued a disclaimer, emphasizing the value of her silence. She expressed profound respect for her partner, her cherished children, and numerous people close to her, particularly @iamlolaalao.

In her own words, she stated, “My silence is golden… because I hold deep respect for my partner, OBIM, my children, and many individuals who are dear to my heart, especially @iamlolaalao.”

Iyabo Ojo made it clear that she would never respond with a video, no matter how hard anyone tried, as her precious moments were reserved for significant matters.

However, she also cautioned that if anyone was certain and willing to mention her name, the consequences would be endless, but until then, they should enjoy the cruise.

She also took the opportunity to endorse a beautiful wig from @mblluxuryhairlinellc and encouraged others to support her sister in Canada, @iamlolaalao.

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