“I Sell Aboniki And Face Towel In The Car Traffic To Earn A Living Before God Lifted Me Up”- Elesho’s son, Yemi Elesho recount on his journey

Written by fazazy39

Yemi Elesho, the son of veteran Nigerian actor Elesho, has candidly shared his journey from modest beginnings to triumph.

In a recent interview, Yemi Elesho unveiled his extraordinary narrative of conquering challenges to attain success. He recounted how he sold Aboniki, face towels, and bread in the bustling Iwo road traffic.

Yemi acknowledged skitmaker and content creator Woli Agba for playing a pivotal role in launching his career, highlighting how Woli Agba paved the way for his progress.

In his own words, he never aspired to become a content creator. Yemi revealed, “I sold Aboniki and face towels in the traffic. I sold bread. It was because of Woli Agba I stopped doing stage. I never once envisioned myself as a content creator.”

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