“I Never Get 100k in My Account In My Life Before”- Igbo Skit Maker’Mother who Davido Give 2Million Pray For O B O

Written by fazazy39

The heartwarming tale of a young Igbo skit creator who received a generous gift of N2m from renowned Nigerian artist Davido has captured the nation’s attention. The story gained widespread traction after popular Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut revealed that Davido had extended his support to Chinonye Okoli.

A video featuring the young girl’s mother expressing gratitude and offering prayers for Davido has become a viral sensation. The incident, which occurred on August 30, 2023, set social media ablaze and resonated with people across the country.

Renowned Instagram influencer Tunde Ednut publicly announced that Davido was actively seeking out the young girl to gift her N2m, an act that drew heartfelt blessings from Chinonye’s mother towards Davido.

However, another video has emerged on the internet, capturing Chinonye’s mother fervently praying for Davido’s well-being. The viral video showcased her describing how she single-handedly supports Chinonye and her five siblings through her sales of moi-moi, while also revealing that they all reside in a one-room apartment.

Watch her prayer below

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