“See Money, A Fortunate Fisher Man Caught A Valuable Honeycomb Fish Worth Million Dollars,”- Video Surfaces Amidst Disappointment from Onlookers.

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An unidentified African fisherman recently caught a valuable honeycomb fish worth thousands of naira. The unique appearance of the honeycomb fish, resembling a honeycomb, showcases the remarkable design skills of nature.

Despite the impressive catch, disappointment arose among some internet users when a video was shared, revealing the fish’s fate of being devoured after capture. The TikTok post by @porche_blog depicted the significant catch lying on the ground, attracting a crowd of onlookers.

As per the blog, the fisherman and his friends consumed the enormous catch, an act that garnered disapproval from online users. The blog stated that the fish was valued at $3.1 million (over N2 billion).

In relation to the Honeycomb fish, also known by its scientific name Acanthostracion polygonum, it gets its name from the intricate honeycomb-like patterns on its vibrant body, commonly found in warm coral reef waters.

While the exact price wasn’t available, internet users estimated the cost of a honeycomb fish to be between $276 (over N212k) and $344 (over N264k).


Wahala no Dey finish!!! local Africa Fisherman captured a ‘’honeycomb Fish’’ reportedly worth $3.1million but ate it with his friends. #foryoupage #goviral #fyp #fypppppppp #FYP #porcheblog #fypシ #trending #honeycomb

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Responses to the significant honeycomb fish catch varied.

Nwachukwu questioned, “Catching it isn’t the issue; where will he sell it?” Dr. GOD noted, “Now he and his friends are collectively valued at $3.1 million.

Dre humorously remarked, “This exemplifies what ‘chopping money’ truly means.” Tade expressed, “Is he the one he plans to sell it to? People’s perspectives.

clintonmathias375 observed, “In just one day, they consumed $3.1 million.

He made history in his family as the first to consume such an amount during these tough times.

S O F T FRIENDS quipped, “Isn’t it funny that they only realized the fish’s value after eating it all? What a game.”

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