“To be honest, the way you were treated is what you deserve,” Bobrisky conveys to the gays Arr€sted in Delta State.

Written by fazazy39

Bobrisky has shared his perspective on a viral video that features a mass wedding involving gay couples in Delta State.

He pointed out that being gay might not be suitable for everyone and proceeded to offer his reasons for this viewpoint. According to him, Nigerian laws still classify homosexual activity among men as a criminal offense. Therefore, he suggested that those individuals who participated in the event should have respected the law or considered relocating to a country where being gay isn’t a punishable act.

In his words, “Hello, everyone! I want to address those guys who were arrested in Delta. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, honestly. But I believe there’s a lesson to be learned from those with influence. First and foremost, there’s a law in this country against same-sex marriages. So, why on earth did you all gather to arrange a wedding? It’s the most ridiculous news I’ve come across this week. You got the treatment you deserved, sad but true. If you truly love your partner and want to be together, why not move to a place where you’re accepted?

“It is shameful that he has to hide” Reactions trail Bobrisky’s odd appearance at his father’s burial

Around a week ago, Naijalegit covered the buzz surrounding Bobrisky’s unique appearance during his father’s burial. Rather unexpectedly, he decided to present himself as a male.

A widely shared video depicted him wearing attire typically associated with men, which led to speculation that Bobrisky might have been concealing his true identity and providing inaccurate details about having undergone surgery.

Only a short while before this, he had confidently stated that he had received buttock surgery to augment his feminine characteristics. Nevertheless, his appearance at the funeral appeared to challenge the consistency of these assertions.

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