“‘Jagun Jagun movie is useless without the involvement of Ilorin movie stars,” – An individual from Ilorin Says(watch)

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An individual hailing from Ilorin has publicly criticized Nigerian actor and filmmaker Femi Adebayo regarding his trending movie,

“Jagun Jagun.”

The film has been a topic of extensive discussions and debates within the realm of film enthusiasts and Nigerian movie fans. Amplifying the ongoing discourse, the Ilorin native underscores the importance of including local (Ilorin) talents in projects like this.

The Ilorin resident, who shared his perspective on the matter, emphasized that the film “Jagun Jagun” wouldn’t carry as much significance without the participation of talents based in Ilorin.

Drawing on the familiar adage, “Charity Begins At Home,” he highlights the importance of recognizing and involving local talents that originate from the movie’s roots.

For more insight, you can view the accompanying video below:

In a recent interview, Femi Adebayo disclosed that he liquidated some of his properties to finance the multi-million Naira project, “Jagun Jagun.”

Since its debut on Netflix, “Jagun Jagun” has been generating a flurry of reactions from users on social media.

The blockbuster film narrates the tale of a warlord named Ogundiji, who feels threatened by the potential of a young warrior school student named Gbotija.

“Femi Adebayo and co-directed by his brother, Tope Adebayo, and Adebayo Tijjani, the film showcases prominent Nollywood figures, including his father Adebayo Salami, Dele Odule, Yinka Quadri, Muyiwa Ademola, Odunlade Adekola, Fathia Balogun, Lateef Adedimeji, and Femi Adebayo himself, among others.

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