“I Will Charge You To Court For Disgracing My Lover”Portable Challenged Lege Miami for disgracing his new lover, Queen Dami publicly

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Controversial singer Portable has come forward to support his new partner, Queen Dami, against matchmaker Lege Miami.

During an interview with media personality Nedu on his podcast, Lege Miami made allegations about the estranged wife of the late Alaafin, claiming that she was displaying desperation in her pursuit of a new relationship.

Lege Miami stated that the former Oyo Queen approached him seeking a romantic partner, and he assisted in finding a potential suitor for her. However, she rejected the suggested individual due to his work habits.

According to Lege Miami, he continued his efforts to find a suitable match for her when he learned about her involvement with Portable. When he confronted her about this, she initially denied the relationship.

Lege Miami’s statement reads, “Queen Dami reached out to me, asking for help in finding a husband. I made efforts to find a suitable match for her, presenting a gentleman, but she expressed that his work ethic wasn’t compatible with her. Even then, I continued my attempts to assist her in finding a husband until I discovered her connection with Portable. When I questioned her about her relationship status with Portable, she denied it, stating that they were just friends.”

Singer Portable’s Response:

In response to Lege’s remarks, Portable took to the comment section of Nedu’s post to strongly criticize Lege for publicly shaming his partner.

He expressed, “Lege ALAKADA who’s begging Queen to send money, I’ve shared your chat where you’re begging a woman for money online like a bunch of online BEGGERS. I saw this coming; you thought you could disgrace 😃 her online, but we’ll turn it into Grace ⭐️⭐️ @officialqueen_dami. Aparo ALAKADA, why did you mention my name? Are you trying to use me for attention? 😂😂😂. Foolish person trying to gain attention through disgrace.”

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