“Don’t come near my boifrendOoo”- Bobrisky brag as he flaunts his new man ahead of his birthday

Written by fazazy39

Idris Okuneye, popularly recognized as Bobrisky, is a renowned socialite and crossdresser who recently shared a photo with an unidentified male in anticipation of his upcoming 32nd birthday.

In the image, the pair donned traditional ‘Yoruba’ attire, with the man embracing Bobrisky from behind.

On his verified Instagram page, he extended birthday wishes to himself as he shared the photo. Bobrisky implored his followers to let him fill their timelines with this lovely snapshot, stating, “Happy birthday in advance to me… Let me continue blessing your timeline with adorable pictures.

“The image has sparked speculation about his relationship status, leaving many wondering if the person in the photo is his boyfriend.

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There’s a question arising about whether the crossdresser is going against his previous statement of canceling birthday plans.

Check out the comments:

“We’re here for both the KING and QUEEN 👌, celebrating with a grand entry, Bob!”

“Adam and Steve 💍 💥💥💥”

“Is your husband showing a middle finger to your followers? Idris, this man doesn’t seem like husband material 😒”

“Bobrisky sure knows how to spark conversations among Nigerians 😂😂😂😂”

“Bob, this isn’t a birthday picture; it’s a wedding picture 😂. Is there something you’re not telling us? 😂”

“Introduction completed. Alhamdulillah🤲🌚”

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