“Your Plan To Queen Dami Online Can Never Workout”– Portable Release Voice Note, Chat And Video Of Lege Miami Begging Him For Money Because Of Queen Dami (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Popular Singer Portable publicly confronted Lege Miami shortly after the actor’s interview with Nedu Wazobia, a TV and radio host.

Portable shared screenshots and audio clips of their conversation, in which Lege Miami was seen requesting financial assistance and sharing his bank account details, implying that he often begs for money online.

In another post, he anticipated the situation, suggesting that while Lege Miami tried to shame her online, they would transform it into an opportunity for growth. He went on to label Lege Miami as one of those who fabricate their lifestyles on the internet, implying that he believed Lege intended to exploit Queen Dami for personal gains.

These statements followed Lege Miami’s interview with Nedu Wazobia, where he disclosed that he had introduced Queen Dami to a man, but the man couldn’t meet her expectations. Lege also mentioned that Dami and Portable were just friends, contradicting Portable’s claim that they were dating.

Portable’s affection for Queen Dami was evident as he stood up for her, although Queen Dami’s response to the situation remains unknown.

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