“M@dn£$$ After Giving Birth”~– Video of a mother b£ating her newborn child sparks reactions online (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

An online video depicting a mother and her newborn has emerged, sparking a range of opinions.

The circulating video captures the mother harshly striking her infant without mercy. Seated on a bed beside the baby, the mother unexpectedly lifted the newborn’s hand and proceeded to repeatedly spank it, resulting in the baby’s cries.

The video has sparked a diverse array of reactions online. While a portion of viewers condemn the mother’s actions as heartless for subjecting a newborn to such a beating, another perspective suggests that she might be attempting to gauge the infant’s reaction to its surroundings or testing if the baby displays signs of communication.

Numerous individuals emphasized the mother’s wrongdoing in resorting to such a vigorous physical approach, even going so far as to question her actual maternal relationship with the child. On the other hand, some individuals argued that conducting a laboratory test on the infant could have been a more appropriate course of action, rather than resorting to physical punishment.

Video below

Check out these reactions:

  • bz_skiiii: Unbelievable! Are these people out of their minds? 😠 Harming a baby?
  • big_vick147: Those who haven’t even given birth are quick to criticize, acting like they care more about the child than its own parents. What a joke! 🤣🤣
  • only_1_bim: Seriously, not the hand! What if the baby’s hand gets injured? Why not opt for a gentler approach like pinching or patting the back if the baby doesn’t respond?
  • colmac_auto_transport: Money can solve many problems; why not conduct a proper lab test to confirm any concerns?
  • wurami_baby: This is totally unacceptable. Are we sure she’s the mother?

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