“I switched to Islam because pastors refused to do the burial rites of my mother”~ : Lizzy Anjorin strongly responds to a fan and explains her decision.

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Well-known Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin unleashed a passionate tirade on Instagram Live, targeting fans who continued to address her by the Islamic titles she once embraced as a devoted Muslim.

Lizzy Anjorin, who had a public feud with Iyabo Ojo that grabbed headlines recently, emphasized her desire to be addressed using her customary title, Yeye Mesho.

In the video, the actress explained her decision to distance herself from Islam and the Muslim community, citing relentless online bullying and harassment as the catalysts for her choice.

She explained that this choice originates from what she sees as a lack of support from fellow Muslims and Islamic groups during her challenging times.

Expressing her frustration at a fan named Dammy in Yoruba, Lizzy Anjorin stated, “Never address me as Alhaja or Iya Adini again. I didn’t witness any Muslims defending me on social media.”

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Around ten years ago, the filmmaker, who was originally known as a Christian, underwent a sudden conversion to Islam.

In an Instagram post, Lizzy Anjorin explained that her decision to embrace Islam was influenced by the reluctance of pastors to assist with her mother’s burial arrangements.

The actress shared that due to her mother’s specific wish not to be taken to the mortuary upon her passing, she had to arrange a swift burial.

Recalling her teenage years, Anjorin remembered her mother’s expressed desire to avoid being taken to a mortuary after her death.

She explained that her mother was born into a Muslim family, although they faced hardships and even spent nights at the church, leading them to become Christians by circumstance.

Anjorin detailed that at least ten pastors declined to conduct the funeral ceremonies because her mother wasn’t affiliated with their respective churches.

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