“I born 3 Children For Him” – Nigerian woman cries out For seeing pre-wedding photos of her husband with Gay man

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian woman named Sarah Johnson has taken to social media to express her distress regarding a viral photograph featuring her husband and his same-sex partner.

This situation involves two Nigerian men residing in Canada who have garnered attention due to their pre-wedding images, indicating their upcoming marriage.

Unfortunately, one of these men is Sarah’s husband, with whom she shares three children. In a conversation that was disclosed by an unidentified blogger known as Gistlover, it is revealed that the man had relocated to Canada more than six years ago, leaving behind his wife and child.

To Sarah’s dismay, she had no knowledge of her husband’s sexual orientation and his involvement in a same-sex relationship.

The post garnered considerable online attention, eliciting various responses from social media users. Here are a few comments:

  • User precious_ugochii expressed, “Wow 😢😢😢😢 Quite sad.”
  • User o.l.u.w.a.n.i humorously remarked, “Imagine my father married your father… we won’t be in the comment section now 😂😂😂.”
  • User zoralyn_ empathized, “Imagine finding out that your king is now another man’s Queen… on the internet for that matter. The heartbreak 🤦🏽‍♀️. Men will stain your white 🙄.”

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