“You’re Taking This For Granted”- Reactions as another veteran actor cries out to Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s for help

Written by fazazy39

In this scenario, Internet users are witnessing an interesting interaction between seasoned actor Bankefa and well-known prophet Pastor Agbala Gabriel. The actor had previously shared a heartbreaking video where he revealed that the financial burden caused by a movie he created led to him accumulating a significant amount of debt, ultimately resulting in a stroke.

After a few days, the actor makes a public appearance seeking assistance from Pastor Agbala Gabriel. This encounter between the actor and the pastor has caught the attention of people online, possibly due to the actor’s vulnerability and his decision to turn to spiritual guidance for help during a difficult time in his life.

The situation has likely sparked discussions and debates among Internet users about the role of faith, celebrity struggles, and the challenges faced by those in the entertainment industry.

In response to this situation, social media users have expressed their opinions and reactions regarding veteran actors seeking help from Pastor Agbala Gabriel:

  • “Agbala Gabriel has quite the task ahead. There are many celebrities in similar situations who might come forward seeking assistance.”
  • “Pastor Gabriel is really going to have his hands full.”
  • “I hope Pastor doesn’t get overwhelmed.”
  • “I recall the incident with the woman from Ekiti or Osun who requested a car and house. I received backlash for suggesting this might become a trend. It’s ironic how now everyone is asking for help and realizing the importance of supporting one another.”
  • “It’s the same narrative Jaye Kuti mentioned. Even while Baba Karan’s request for six items isn’t fulfilled, another person has come forward.”
  • “Maybe this pastor should consider setting up a refuge camp. The requests are becoming excessive, and it’s interesting that it’s primarily from the Yoruba community.”
  • “It’s concerning that even Pastor relies on others’ generosity. Constant pleas might lead to people becoming tired of the constant requests. May God guide everyone.”
  • “Perhaps Pastor Gabriel should establish a charity account specifically for veteran actors. May God assist them all.”
  • “It’s truly disappointing how the current successful Nollywood actors seem to overlook these veterans. If they can’t provide financial help, they could at least offer them roles. Acting has no retirement age. This situation is stressing the man of God and becoming quite problematic.”
  • “Is it only Yoruba actors in Nigeria who are facing issues? Even those commenting might have more significant problems. Pastor, take a look at your followers’ profiles and identify those who need assistance and might be too shy to ask for it.”
  • “Agbala Gabriel, the ‘Obicubana’ of our time, please stay strong and take care of yourself. Don’t get tired. Please check on this man as well.”
  • “Let’s avoid overwhelming Pastor Gabriel. While seeking help is challenging, we shouldn’t burden him excessively. Request assistance privately and trust that if it’s meant to be, God will guide him to help. May God be with us all!”

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