“I Will sell my father’s Property because of you,” Pa James Ajirebi Tell actress Olaniyan Tosin As She propose to date him.

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Renowned actor Ajirebi Kayode Olasehinde, more commonly known as Pa James, has set off a wave of reactions on various social media platforms in response to his lighthearted reply to a jesting proposal from his younger colleague, actress Olaniyan Tosin.

The actress shared a video where she playfully floated the idea of dating Pa James, playfully questioning what he would do if he were to agree to start a romantic relationship.

With a humorous touch, Pa James quipped, “I would go as far as selling my father’s only piece of land because of you.

Taking the playful interaction a step further, she inquired about the fate of his son’s inheritance.

In a light-hearted retort, Pa James amusingly expressed that his son Samuel should take responsibility for his own livelihood.

Accompanying the video with a caption, she humorously wrote, “You won’t be getting any inheritance from me 😆🤣😂 @officialsamuelajirebi, it’s just me and my baby forever @pajames57.

The video capturing this amusing exchange can be viewed below.

people’s Reaction To The Post.

One fan humorously commented, “You’ve reached the final stop with this one 😂😂.

Another playfully remarked, “You’ve encountered someone of your own caliber 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Baba said you should write ✍️ Num 1.

Yet another individual chimed in, stating, “Pa James is always incredibly funny 😂😂. Tosin, you’re quite mischievous 😂😂.

One more comment read, “This young lady has definitely gone a bit crazy, I swear 😂😂😂😂.

The array of responses showcased the widespread amusement and engagement generated by the interaction between Pa James and Tosin.

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