“He Is No 1 Celebrity That Is Very Respectful” – Netizens Says as Davido prostrates for his uncle Gov Adeleke and Dele Momodu at the Penthouse (Video)

Written by fazazy39

In addition to his philanthropic inclinations, the renowned Afrobeats artist, Davido (David Adeleke), is cherished by his fans for his respectful demeanor towards elders, despite his affluent upbringing.

A recent video of Davido showing deference to his uncle, Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State, and presidential aspirant Dele Momodu at the penthouse, has garnered significant attention on social media, sparking a wave of reactions from netizens.

On this August 27th, 2023, Dele Momodu hosted Governor Adeleke at the Penthouse for a lunch gathering, following the governor’s return from the UNDP retreat in Kigali, Rwanda.

Shortly thereafter, the musician Davido and his entourage arrived at the penthouse, marking the commencement of the eventful gathering with Governor Adeleke.

In the video clip, Davido’s humility was evident as he prostrated to show respect to his first child’s mother’s uncle, Dele Momodu. He warmly greeted others in the room before moving towards his own uncle, where he again displayed his humility by prostrating and exchanging heartfelt hugs. The atmosphere exuded an undeniable positive vibe.

Dele Momodu, sharing the video, captioned it with: “@davido arrives at The Penthouse to join his esteemed Uncle @aadeleke_01.”

He further expressed: “An embodiment of cultural respect, @davido in our midst. @davido arrives at The Penthouse to join his esteemed Uncle @aadeleke_01.”

Feel free to watch the video below.

Check out these reactions:

  • princeiyke_: Give a thumbs up if you noticed that man eagerly waiting for a handshake! 😂😂
  • iam_degold: Clap your hands if you’ve watched this more than twice! 👏👏
  • horllermy: Money is undeniably good. May God bless each of us with abundance.
  • royaltyziggy_d_last_don: I truly believe Obo (Davido) picked up this positive attitude from his uncle, no doubt ❤️🔥.
  • xponential_king: If you didn’t crack a smile while watching this, then you might be dealing with quite a lot.
  • iamgfox: This is the way we should all nurture our families and extended families… not the kind that harbors ill intentions or jealousy towards your progress. 👏

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