Tell Your Mum to stop fighting over man issue” – Fans blast Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla, as she reacts to her mother’s warning to Lizzy Anjorin

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Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of Iyabo Ojo, has responded to her mother’s tweet in which she cautioned her fellow colleague, Lizzy Anjorin, regarding a particular post.

Earlier, Iyabo Ojo had taken to social media to express her dissatisfaction with Lizzy Anjorin, addressing her as “Obo rubber.”

While Iyabo Ojo did not explicitly mention names in her tweet, Priscilla Ojo engaged with the post’s comments section. Fans and followers deduced that her reaction was directed toward Lizzy Anjorin based on the context of the situation.

Subsequently, Lizzy Anjorin retaliated vigorously against the mother of two on her various social media platforms.

In a recent update, Iyabo Ojo shared a disclaimer post, asserting that her silence held immense value. She expressed profound respect for her partner, children, and a host of individuals close to her heart, prominently including @iamlolaalao.

It’s worth recalling that earlier, Iyabo Ojo had taken to social media to rebuke Lizzy Anjorin after she referred to her as “Obo rubber.”

Although Iyabo Ojo refrained from naming anyone directly, fans and followers inferred from her comments section that she was addressing Lizzy Anjorin.

In response, Lizzy Anjorin continued to confront the mother of two across her social media pages.

In a subsequent post, Iyabo Ojo issued a disclaimer, emphasizing the preciousness of her silence. She underscored her deep regard for her partner, children, and several significant individuals in her life, with a special mention of @iamlolaalao.

In her own words, “My silence is golden……….. because I have a lot of respect for my man, OBIM, my children & a lot of people I hold dear to my heart, most especially @iamlolaalao.”


In response to the situation, Priscilla Ojo engaged with her mother’s post’s comments section.

She used the “heart eyes” or “adoring face” emoji, commonly used to convey feelings of love, admiration, or enthusiasm for a subject or person.

Priscilla Ojo’s reaction triggered various responses from netizens, some of whom criticized her involvement in the feud due to her age. Here are a few of the comments:

  • “At your age? May God have mercy.”
  • “Priscilla, tell her to stop embarrassing you. She should behave like a mother. Iyabo Ojo, don’t ruin the lives of your children, let them have settled homes, please. If you’re not careful, nobody will want to be related to you through marriage. So, be cautious.”
  • “Priscilla, Lizzy, you’re a hero. Iyabo Ojo brought this upon herself and conveniently forgot her husband and children while meddling in matters that don’t concern her, just as she didn’t mention Baba Ijesa’s issue. Yoruba people, think deeply. This is what we call ‘Egbinrin OTE’ [a pot calling a kettle black].”
  • “Priscilla, they are exposing your mother, and you’re secretly amused. It’s bothering you.”

The responses reflect a mix of opinions, with some individuals expressing concern over Priscilla’s involvement and others criticizing Iyabo Ojo’s actions in the situation. The exchange showcases the diversity of perspectives within the online community regarding this matter.

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