“Silence Is The Best Answer For A F••l,My silence is gold but If Dem Born You Well, mention my name” – Iyabo Ojo give out warning to Lizzy Anjorin

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Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo has taken to social media to indirectly criticize her fellow actress Lizzy Anjorin. Earlier, Iyabo Ojo had used social media to express her dissatisfaction after being referred to as “Obo rubber”

By an unnamed individual, widely assumed to be Lizzy Anjorin.

Subsequently, Lizzy Anjorin responded with a series of confrontational posts on her own social media platforms. In a recent update, Iyabo Ojo posted a disclaimer, explaining that her silence holds great significance because of her respect for her partner, children, and other dear people, including @iamlolaalao.

She emphasized that she won’t engage in video responses, reserving her attention for significant matters. However, she assured Lizzy Anjorin that her attention won’t waver, and if her name is mentioned, she will respond. The post concluded with a note about a wig from @mblluxuryhairlinellc and encouragement to support @iamlolaalao in Canada.

How The Issue Started

As per information circulating on social media, the conflict is said to have originated when Lizzy reportedly took offense at Iyabo’s lighthearted behavior at a Canada shop belonging to senior colleague Lola Alao. During this incident, Iyabo allegedly humorously demonstrated how certain Facebook bloggers master the art of showcasing their egos and projecting false statuses.

In a display that apparently entertained Lola, Iyabo showcased how these ‘self-proclaimed Facebook celebrities’ engage in online confrontations, revealing long-held secrets about their targets as a means to promote their fabric businesses.

Those in the know suggest that Iyabo’s actions were subtly aimed at Lizzy Anjorin, with whom she supposedly harbors unspoken grievances.

Following Iyabo’s actions, Lizzy took to her Facebook page a few hours later to address what she referred to as “3-some celebrities.” In her strong-worded response, she accused the individual in question of amassing wealth through morally questionable means, specifically by being involved with different men, among other allegations.

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