“I lost N500m worth of equipment to fire, all my cars are gone,” Kanran said as he recounted the Reason of his downfall.

Written by fazazy39

Veteran actor Olusegun Akinremi, known by his stage name Kanran, experienced a profound sense of heartbreak as he opened up about his life’s challenges to Pastor Agbala Gabriel. Pastor Gabriel visited Kanran at his dilapidated home, seeking to understand how his circumstances had taken such a drastic downturn.

During the encounter, Kanran shared his deeply personal stories of loss and hardship, making a heartfelt plea for assistance from compassionate Nigerians, with the pastor serving as an intermediary.

The shocking state of Kanran’s living conditions visibly stunned Pastor Agbala Gabriel as he stepped inside the rundown residence. As the two engaged in conversation, Kanran’s life story unfolded, revealing the series of trials he had endured despite dedicating his entire life to his craft in the entertainment industry.

In an intriguing contrast, Kanran’s on-screen persona often depicted a prosperous character in movies, a stark juxtaposition to the harsh reality of his own life. He divulged that he was compelled to pursue independent projects when he found himself sidelined from roles due to others’ jealousy. Subsequently, a string of misfortunes followed, leading to the breakdown of his cars, one after another. Tragically, a devastating fire ravaged his movie equipment, which held a staggering value of over N500 million.

In this poignant exchange, Kanran openly expressed his pressing needs to Pastor Gabriel. These included a car to aid in his mobility, essential filming equipment to resume his creative work, and a platform to launch a film that he had already completed.

Kanran’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the dichotomy between his cinematic portrayals of wealth and his own real-life struggles, prompting an outpouring of empathy and support from individuals touched by his narrative.

Netizens responded to Kanran’s situation with a mixture of relief and gratitude that the veteran actor is finally receiving the assistance he requires. Pastor Gabriel’s generosity has also been widely praised. Some of the comments include:

  • _abula: “Baba made sure God’s house looks cleaner.”
  • mzzsholz: “It is well this man was never doing well, I don enter the same bus with him tire and there was a time I was like they need to stop making him do rich man movies ‍♀️.”
  • sassyb791: “Riches in movie let’s help him Karan is not small in the movie industry.”
  • foodhub_sa: “Y be say na dis pastor sabi all the veteran wey no too get??”
  • teeto__olayeni: “You see this Man called AGBALA GABRIEL, God will continue to bless and prosper him. He has helped so many Veteran actors/actress.”
  • faithrogy: “Na wah ooo my God it’s well.”
  • prncs_oyinkansola_yetunde: “There is always a time of rememberance unto every man. The Book of Rememberance just got opened unto this man. The bushel covering his star just got removed. The star is about to shine. May he live long. And may this pastor be richly blessed.”

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