“As Hunger wan kill me I Use My Brain This way” – Nigerian man uses iron to toast bread and warm egusi soup, Netizens react (Video)

Written by fazazy39

The video of a Nigerian man using an iron to toast bread and warm egusi soup has caused quite a buzz on social media.

In the video, although the man’s face is not visible, he can be seen using a large iron to press down on a piece of bread with force, effectively flattening it.

Furthermore, he attempts to warm the egusi soup by placing the iron beneath the pot.

The video has captured people’s attention, leading to various reactions in the comments section:

  • @lisa: “Hunger wan kill children of God.”
  • @Successful: “This must be a school life experience. There’s something you all want to tell me.”
  • @Temidayo: “This type of bread tastes better than using a toaster.”
  • @Dream girl: “We used to iron donuts back in the day.”
  • @Godfavoritebby: “If cooking is prohibited, survival tactics must prevail.”
  • @Desola: “I only know about milo, what is this?”
  • @Hamy: “Am I being delusional, or am I really witnessing this?”

Watch below

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