A 30-yr-old Pastor J¥mp£d Down From A Storey- Building after his girlfriend serves him breakfast in Anambra

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In Nnewi, Anambra State, a pastor named Prosper Igboke, aged 30, belonging to a Pentecostal Church, has taken his own life following a heartbreak triggered by his girlfriend serving him breakfast.

According to a report by DailyPost, the pastor leapt from a two-story building after being abandoned by his partner.

A family member of the deceased, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared with the news outlet that the man had supported his girlfriend’s education through university, only to have his marriage proposal rejected by her.

At the time of his passing, the man was 30 years old. Dishearteningly, his aspirations to marry his girlfriend were shattered when she, the same individual he had supported through her university education, let him down.

In a devastating turn of events, he chose to end his life by leaping from a two-story building.

“I find it surprising that a man of his age and a pastor could resort to this,” the relative remarked.

As per the tradition of the Leru autonomous community of Umunneochi LGA in Abia State, it is expected that he will be laid to rest in a forest as a consequence of his transgression.

Ultimately, the man was laid to rest yesterday, on Friday, August 25, in a secluded area of the wilderness, according to the source.

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itz.henry__: It’s quite ironic how a pastor, who should have been focusing on preaching the gospel, ended up indulging in pleasure after services. Look where his choices have led him.

alhajistacks: A perplexing query arises: will he find his way to heaven or be condemned to hell?

iamjfrosh: It’s disheartening how sorcery appears to be manipulating these women to bring pastors down. 😢😢

soromotoochukwu: When I emphasize that men shouldn’t invest in a woman’s education with marriage in mind, I’m often labeled as cruel and misogynistic.

rockyemmyphotography: Kindly be considerate of people’s emotions. This goes for both genders.

welcome_to_2024: It’s a level playing field. Both men and women engage in such behavior. It’s unrealistic to expect absolute fidelity. No matter how much you preach, infidelity and similar issues will persist, defying even the influence of individuals like Putin, the Pope, and Biden.

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